AEIC Awareness

An Awareness Campaign has been created to introduce people new to the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies and to help our members share with their professional networks and leadership about the AEIC®. The campaign materials are available in both printed form and as digital downloads.

The AEIC Awareness Campaign

You can order copies of the printed materials using the Campaign Awareness order form. While you are waiting for the printed materials to arrive in the mail, you can also download digital copies:

To download the digital version of the Awareness Campaign materials, click on the individual link below. The "AEIC" file contains all of the individual files.

AEIC 5 minute presentation (pdf)
AEIC 5 minute presentation (pptx)

AEIC 10 minute presentation (pdf)
AEIC 10 minute presentation (pptx)

AEIC Awareness Campaign Full Set (zip)