The Load Research & Analytics Committee promotes responsible load research activities in the electric utility industry. To accomplish this mission, the Committee develops and disseminates source material on the conduct of load research and its appropriate applications through a variety of means such as reports, workshops, seminars and conferences.


  1. To promote improvements in the collection, analysis and application of load research data and associated information.
  2. To educate the industry about load research.
  3. To encourage the use of load research in utility management decision-making.


  1. Identifies best practices, procedures and technologies.
  2. Recommends guidelines for successful load research activities.
  3. Supports seminars and conferences to provide training for load research personnel, and promotes new and effective research methods.
  4. Sponsors workshops to explore in-depth load research topics of concern to the industry.
  5. Communicates load research activities, technical information and applications to a wide range of industry problems through various media.
  6. Provides a forum for the industry to discuss load research topics.
  7. Encourages the active participation of member and non-member utilities in the work of the Committee to advance load research.