All Things DER: How to Navigate the Advancing Technologies of the Ever-Evolving Power Grid

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, General Manager of Advanced Grid Solutions, Duquesne Light Company

Welcome to the All Things DER podcast! In this podcast, we’ll be digging in, defining, and discussing where the new energy economy is heading with electric industry leaders, and explore all the ways that distributed energy resources can modernize and improve our ever-evolving power grid.

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Matt Lundeen, the Manager of Systems Analysis at JEA, Jacksonville’s municipal utility. We discuss the complex challenges that face the utility industry with recent additions of advancing technologies that bring great opportunities for growth when utilized effectively. From the varying levels of maturity in DER across the US, to the importance of asking the right questions and embracing innovation, to unravel the web of new challenges that arise, we dig into a variety of ways to successfully utilize and manage new DER and the advancing technologies that come with it.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How DER is a unique part of the utility industry that touches all sectors of the industry, and why this matters moving forward
  • Why ensuring system reliability with the invention of advancing technologies is a major motivator and key focus for JEA
  • Why asking the right questions is a crucial first step to successfully implementing new DER as we move forward with the new power grid of tomorrow
  • How microgrids, solar sites, and carbon emissions reduction are just a few of the many areas that JEA is keeping a pulse on right now
  • Why innovation plays a key factor in decoding the web of challenges that new DER can present across the industry
  • How AEIC provides a unique place for leaders in the power industry to come together, have a seat at the table, and work cooperatively to connect the dots across the power industry to ensure an ever-advancing power grid for future generations