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AEIC membership is available to electric utilities, generating companies, transmitting companies or distributing companies — including investor-owned, federal, state, cooperative and municipal systems in the United States or internationally. Our committees are made up of executive leaders and senior technical and operations experts. In addition, limited associate memberships may be available to entities responsible for providing technical research relating to the electric utility industry.

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With federal legislation, technology innovations and industry-wide initiatives focusing attention and resources on significant investments in electricity infrastructure and grid modernization, the need for and value of AEIC’s technical committee work has never been greater. Today, we’re in a strong position to achieve a modernized grid that delivers a secure energy future for all, but we can’t do it alone. We need your expertise and leadership to help AEIC pave the way for a better and brighter tomorrow for us all.

If you're a utility, a co-op or a muni across the U.S., and you're not a member of AEIC, then get involved. You're going to get a big return on
your investment.
Dave Wakeman
SVP, Operations and Technical Services, Ameren Illinois

Membership Benefits


Companies who join AEIC receive more visibility - and we’re not only talking about a logo in a conference booklet. We strive to recognize the innovative work of our member companies through articles, white papers, social media, and more. Additionally, through our Annual Achievement Awards program, we celebrate and promote members who have clearly demonstrated significant contributions to advancing the operations of the electric energy industry.


More than 500 employees from our member companies are actively and enthusiastically engaged in committee work focused on addressing key operational issues and challenges in the industry. These committees produce technical specifications, industry standards, best practices, and useful guidance that benefit the entire industry.

Member Portal

In order to ensure that all individuals from our member companies are able to easily participate, contribute and benefit from all that AEIC has to offer, we’ve launched a customized members-only portal that will allow you to quickly and easily network, collaborate, and communicate through instant messaging, customized committee pages and groups, shared documents, video chat, webinars, and more.

Meetings and Conferences

Member companies have access to over 30 virtual and in-person meetings and conferences throughout the year, including our association-wide Annual Meeting. There’s no other place in the industry where you can come together with your peers to share knowledge and provide guidance to the industry that is essential to achieving operational excellence in all aspects of generation, transmission, distribution, and storage of electric power.

Discounted Resources

All of AEIC’s specs, guides, and other resources are available for the public to purchase; however, member companies receive a discounted rate.

Respect and Trust

As the industry’s longest-serving and preeminent association, founded by Thomas Edison, we've been leading the way since 1885. Our members often refer to AEIC as a respected and trusted ‘safe harbor’ for open, honest dialogue and sharing of ideas, problem-solving and pragmatic guidance.

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