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Areas of Focus

The Power Delivery Committee explores changes to improve every step of the delivery of electric power, from the generating station to the customer. Members of the committee identify and asses technological, economic, and operational issues that will impact the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and management of electric utility power delivery systems.

Members generally are presidents, chief operating officers, executive vice presidents, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, general managers, and managers


Reporting to the Power Generation Committee are five sub-committees:

Collaborates, shares, and benchmarks cost-saving initiatives that are being considered by member companies with the goal of reducing cost in operations, maintenance, and capital, while maintaining safety, reliability, and meeting customer expectations.

Members are typically senior leaders, supervisors, managers, directors, and vice presidents

Discusses technical and operational challenges, best practices, and solutions related to integrating Distributed Energy Resources of all sizes, ranging from small residential, commercial/industrial, modest-sized community installations, and utility-scale resources.

Members are typically vice presidents, managers, directors, general managers, and group leaders


Assists AEIC member companies with expanding the human resources functions of their respective organizations. The subcommittee focuses on human resource issues of power delivery organizations, including trends, legal updates, benchmarking, and best practices.

Members are typically vice presidents, directors, managers, and labor consultants

Provides a forum for electric utility-focused professionals to collaborate on best practices related to the project management discipline. The subcommittee openly shares successes and challenges related to the use of project management tools, organizational challenges, training, estimating, team dynamics, and management support in the utility industry.

Members are typically managing directors, directors, senior project managers, executive directors, and project administrators

Provides a forum for power delivery professionals to exchange ideas and information on previous severe storm restoration events. The subcommittee develops a series of best practices and tools in the areas of storm restoration and system hardening, including storm best practices, pre-storm checklists, storm restoration best practices, and storm center practices.

Members are typically senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, managers, superintendents, managing supervisors, and senior emergency planners

Committee Leadership

Patrick Smith, Chairperson

SVP, Operations and Technical Services

Ameren Missouri

Randy Pryor, Second Vice Chair

CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

Keith Hull, Past Chair

VP, Distribution


Resources & Publications

White Paper

“Enabling smart inverters for distribution grid services.”

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