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The Customer Service Committee identifies and explores key and emerging customer issues and functions, shares insights, and addresses customers’ changing expectations of electric utilities. Customer trends are impacting the utilities of today and tomorrow, and the Committee maintains a broad focus on all types of conventional and emerging customer engagement tools and principles, as well as monitoring customer policy, technology, and engagement trends in the electric energy industry.

The Committee meets quarterly, both in-person and virtually. Additionally, the Committee publishes white papers on topics ranging from mutual aid for storms and call centers to working from home.

Members are typically senior vice presidents, vice presidents, managing directors, directors, managers, and chief customer officers.

Committee Leadership

Tina Koecher, Chairperson

Manager, Customer Experience Operations

Minnesota Power

Janette Espino, 1st Vice Chair

VP, Customer Service

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc

Monica Whiting, Past Chair

VP, Customer Experience & Chief Customer Officer

Arizona Public Service

Resources & Publications

New Electric Service White Paper

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