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AEIC’s committees are comprised of technical and subject matter experts who serve in leadership roles within their companies. These committee members work together to produce documents that share knowledge, provide technical specifications and guidelines, and identify best practices. Our online store offers a range of publications to help ensure that utilities and manufacturers are prepared to meet the needs of the industry.

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  • AEIC CG03-21

    Guide for Installation of Pipe-Type Cable Systems – 3rd Edition

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  • AEIC CS08-20

    Specification for Extruded Dielectric, Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 Through 46 kV – 5th Edition

    $68.00 Select options
  • AEIC CG14-19

    Guide for the Design of Transmission Vaults – 1st Edition

    $70.00 Select options
  • AEIC CG01-19

    Guide for Establishing the Maximum Operating Temperatures of Impregnated Paper and Laminated Paper Polypropylene Insulated Cable – 5th Edition

    $50.00 Select options
  • AEIC CS4-18

    Specification for Impregnated Paper-Insulated Low and Medium Pressure Self-Contained Liquid Filled Cable – 9th Edition

    $50.00 Select options
  • AEIC CS3-16

    Specifications for Impregnated-Paper Insulated Metallic-Sheathed Cable, Low Pressure Gas-Filled Type – 4th Edition

    $50.00 Select options
  • AEIC CG05-15

    Underground Extruded Power Cable Pulling Guide

    $108.00 Select options
  • AEIC CS09-15

    Specification for Extruded Insulation Power Cables and Their Accessories Rated Above 46kV through 345 KVac – 2nd Edition

    $128.00 Select options
  • AEIC CG12-14

    Guide for Minimizing the Cost of Extruded Dielectric Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 through 46 kV – 2nd Edition

    $50.00 Select options
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