Strategic Thinking and Creative Solutions for Unprecedented Times

by Steve Hauser, CEO of AEIC

AEIC’s members — which include large utilities, state and regional cooperatives, and municipalities — are responsible for delivering electric power when and where it’s needed in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner. Throughout any given year, this can be a challenge.

Utilities today must contend with an increasing number of storm events and environmental conditions, policy changes, critical grid modernization and investment projects, and an overall growth in demand for electricity that is sustainably generated at reasonable cost.

Now, add to this a global pandemic, significant supply chain disruptions, rising inflation, and a workforce shortage. The result is an unprecedented scenario that has forced utilities to respond in new ways to solve a wide range of concurrent challenges to keeping the lights on.

But the good news is that AEIC’s members are problem solvers. They are highly capable of quickly rising to tackle whatever issues or obstacles threaten to disrupt service to their customers.

AEIC member, Southern Company, recently shared some of the strategic thinking and creative solutions their teams have developed to navigate through the myriad challenges currently faced by our industry.