AEIC's Vision Remains Clear and Constant

by Steve Hauser, President and CEO, AEIC

This month, executives and senior operational leaders from our nation’s leading electric utilities are coming together in Scottsdale, Arizona to share knowledge, collaborate, and provide guidance to the industry.

As the longest-serving and preeminent association in the industry, founded by Thomas Edison in 1885, this year marks the 138th annual meeting of AEIC’s members. While the number of electric utilities across the U.S. has grown significantly over the years, and the complexity of grid operations has increased exponentially in response to advancements in technology and the demand for electricity, AEIC’s vision has remained clear and constant.

Our members today often refer to AEIC as a respected and trusted safe harbor for open, honest dialogue and sharing of ideas, problem-solving, and pragmatic advice. It’s what attracts them to the Association and compels them to actively participate in our many operations-focused committees. 

A look back into the archives at the description of AEIC’s annual meeting in 1896 by A. Michael McMahon (Reflections, 1985), illustrates that creating this type of trusted forum for the industry’s operational elite was Edison’s vision from the very beginning: