All Things DER: A Conversation on Clean Energy Challenges with Rob Wilhite

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, General Manager of Advanced Grid Solutions, Duquesne Light Company

Welcome to the All Things DER podcast! In this podcast, we’ll be digging in, defining, and discussing where the new energy economy is heading with electric industry leaders, and explore all the ways that distributed energy resources can modernize and improve our ever-evolving power grid.

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Rob Wilhite, a Senior Vice President and Strategic Advisory Leader at Black & Veatch. We discuss some of the challenges Rob forsees as the electric industry transitions to cleaner energy, along with real-world examples of utilities embracing DER (distributed energy resources). From electric vehicle charging stations to community solar programs, we dig into a variety of ways that DERs can help the United States achieve its clean energy goals and create a modern, more sustainable grid for all.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why the primary concern of utility leaders has changed from aging infrastructure to integrating DERs into the grid
  • How Duke Energy is making electric vehicle ownership more convenient through a fixed, flat charging rate
  • Why making EV charging stations equitable is a net benefit for utilities
  • How Black & Veatch is using solar power to help JPMorgan Chase fully transition to clean energy
  • Why making DERs scalable is a necessity going forward