The Grid Mod Pod | Episode 3: Project Management for Utilities 101 with Brett Ryhal

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, AEIC DER Subcommittee Chair

Welcome to the Grid Mod Pod, brought to you by AEIC. In this podcast, you’ll hear from the utility industry’s top operations leaders on how their companies are working to modernize and improve our ever-evolving power grid. Thank you for joining us.

In this episode, we’re excited to have Brett Ryhal, Program Manager at Sargent & Lundy, as our first co-host. Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen in:

  • What’s essential for utilities to consider when executing large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Why it’s important to communicate with all stakeholders at the ideation stage of a project, especially state and local governments
  • How continuous testing and monitoring can prevent project issues down the line
  • Why internal biases, both for and against clean energy, are one of the biggest obstacles for completing large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Why utilities should take their time when choosing which technologies to use to complete large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Why it’s important for project managers to stay aware of the scope, boundaries, and limitations of a particular project