AEIC CG03-21


Guide for Installation of Pipe-Type Cable Systems – 3rd Edition


This guide is intended to outline various construction techniques relating to the installation of High-Pressure Fluid-Filled and High-Pressure Gas-Filled Pipe-Type cable systems. The purpose is to provide an aid in the preparation of installation specifications for these cable systems. The design of such systems is beyond the scope of this guide. Pipe-type cable manufacturers can provide additional information and instructions on the installation of their cable systems.

The guide describes the various materials currently available, such as the several pipe coatings, etc., but makes no attempt to recommend one material over another. The varying installation techniques associated with different materials are set forth in the guide. Certain materials may be available which are not covered in the guide. However, this does not necessarily imply that these materials are unacceptable for pipe-type cable installations.

The various installation and testing techniques covered in this guide must be considered as general in nature and may not be applicable to a particular installation. Local situations must be considered when applying this guide to specific projects.

This guide is applicable to all commonly used pipe to be installed for use with high-pressure pipe-type cable systems, including the pipes associated with the pressurization and/or cooling systems.







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