AEIC Load Research Manual – 3rd Edition


AEIC Load Research Manual, 3rd Edition


Load research has long been a vital part of the utility industry. Recent changes in technology, customer expectations, retail customer choice, and quantity of relevant data have heightened both the awareness of and the need for better load research information. The changes in technology include advanced meters with interval data capability and two-way communications, powerful computer processors and cloud-based computing, and sophisticated smart phone applications. In this “Age of the Internet,” customers expect access to their energy usage information so that they can make sound business decisions. Retail customer choice has ushered in a new mindset for customers. Customers need to know their own energy characteristics to choose the “best” energy provider. The introduction and wide-spread deployment of advanced meters has provided new opportunities for load research to use this influx of large quantities of interval data. Advanced meter data can have an impact on load research sampling, demand response program evaluation, and time-of-use pricing, just to name a few analytical applications. As the field has advanced, the Load Research Committee has worked diligently to keep the rest of the industry current. This manual represents the latest practices and methodologies in this ever-changing landscape.

The Load Research Manual is meant to serve as an overview for the non-practitioner, a primer for the beginner, and a reference guide for the experienced load researcher. As such, the manual focuses on providing an overview of the many aspects of load research, explanations of various procedures, and references for more detailed information. This manual is a reference for those involved in the study and use of energy data and information.







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