AEIC CS08-20


Specification for Extruded Dielectric, Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 Through 46 kV – 5th Edition


AEIC CS8-20 supplements ANSI/ICEA Standards S-94-649, “Standard for Concentric Neutral Cables Rated 5 through 46 kV” and S-97-682, “Standard for Utility Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 through 46 kV” published by the Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA). The user is urged to understand fully the requirements outlined in the ANSI/ICEA standards to be able to use this specification effectively. Further information may be found in Appendix A. This specification covers cables rated 5 through 46 kV, which are used for the distribution of electric energy on electric utility systems.

Cables purchased under this specification shall meet the requirements outlined herein and in the ANSI/ICEA standards unless otherwise specified. Tests not specifically covered in the ANSI/ICEA standards shall be according to ICEA T-26-465, “Guide for Frequency of Sampling Extruded Dielectric Power, Control, Instrumentation, and Portable Cables for Test.”







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