All Things DER: Combining IT & Engineering to Improve Demand and Response Energy Efficiency Programs

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, General Manager of Advanced Grid Solutions, Duquesne Light Company

Welcome to the All Things DER podcast! In this podcast, we’ll be digging in, defining, and discussing where the new energy economy is heading with electric industry leaders, and explore all the ways that distributed energy resources can modernize and improve our ever-evolving power grid.

In today’s episode of All Things DER, we’re speaking with Gregg Kresge, Senior Manager of Utility Engagement and Transportation Electrification at World Resources Institute. We not only discuss the impact of electrification on DERs (distributed energy resources), but we clear up some of the misconceptions we’ve seen in the transition to cleaner energy. From the role of microgrids to the importance of clear messaging around new DERs, we dig into a variety of ways that utilities and industry leaders can increase adoption of DERs and create a better future for the power industry.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How the increased demand for electricity as an energy source has impacted DERs
  • Why consumers still need to manage their energy consumption, even after transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy
  • How microgrids can help our existing infrastructure meet the demand for electricity
  • How utilities can address concerns around DERs by framing them as a way to keep consumers safe, using Hawaii as an example
  • The role of proactive planning in grid modernization