The Grid Mod Pod | Episode 2: Overcoming Obstacles to Solar Energy Projects with Matt Hankey of New Energy Equity

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, AEIC DER Subcommittee Chair

Welcome to the Grid Mod Pod, brought to you by AEIC. In this podcast, you’ll hear from the utility industry’s top operations leaders on how their companies are working to modernize and improve our ever-evolving power grid. Thank you for joining us.

In this episode, we’re joined by Matt Hankey, the CEO of New Energy Equity. Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen in:

  • Why it’s taking longer for utilities to start and complete solar energy projects
  • Why the interconnection queue has become one of the biggest challenges facing today’s electric grid
  • Why collaboration is key for both utilities and developers to push solar energy projects forward
  • Why it’s taken time for companies to embrace energy storage as a solution to distributed generation challenges
  • How being honest about business goals can lead to more successful collaborations between utilities and developers