Community Engagement Powers JEA

by Raynetta Curry Marshall, COO of JEA and Member of AEIC'S Board of Directors

JEA has been serving customers in and around Jacksonville, Fla., for more than a hundred and twenty-five years, working to improve lives and build community. With humble beginnings as a small department within city government, we’ve grown to become the largest public utility in the state, reaching more than one million residents with electric and water services.

Because we are owned by the city, our customers are at the heart of all we do at JEA. It seemed only natural that, as we began the process of examining our future energy needs for the next thirty years, our community members would be a part of the process to develop our electric Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

JEA views the IRP as a compass, guiding us to pathways that assure the delivery of reliable, affordable, and sustainable power to our customers for decades to come. So, right from the start, we knew that involving our community was the right thing to do, and not just at the outset but, for the first time in JEA history, all along the way.