AEIC Member Company EPRI Explores Repurposing Coal Sites

New research by the Electric Power Research Institute, an AEIC member company, explores the potential of repurposing retired coal sites into nuclear plants, benefitting the planet, economy, and local communities.

With over 90 GW of U.S. coal units retired since 2000, and projections indicating the retirement of 1,000 GW across 2,400 sites globally by 2050, the need for innovative solutions is paramount. Governments worldwide are now encouraging the transformation of these sites, with a keen focus on low- or zero-carbon power generation.

What makes repurposing attractive? Existing grid interconnection infrastructure, cooling water supply systems, and available land owned by operators offer cost-efficient and time-saving advantages. Moreover, the transition could breathe new life into local economies, as operators and maintenance staff from retired coal plants can be retrained for roles in new nuclear development.

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