The Grid Mod Pod | Episode 9: Investing in a Greener, More Resilient Grid with Miki Deric

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, AEIC DER Subcommittee Chair

Welcome to the Grid Mod Pod, brought to you by AEIC. In this podcast, you’ll hear from the utility industry’s top operations leaders on how their companies are working to modernize and improve our ever-evolving power grid. Thank you for joining us.

In this episode, we’re joined by Miki Deric, Managing Director of North American Utilities at Accenture. Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen in:

  • Some of the main challenges with connecting smart technology to the grid, including aging infrastructure and climate change
  • What investments are required for utilities looking to modernize the power grid
  • How residential customers are innovating when it comes to integrating new resources into the distribution grid
  • How utilities can reassure other stakeholders that the benefits of incorporating microgrids and other distributed energy resources (DER) outweigh the financial costs
  • How utilities can use new technologies to harden our grid, and what’s required for the industry to support resiliency from a financial standpoint