AEIC Member Company Puget Sound Energy Explores Multi-Day Energy Storage Solutions

Puget Sound Energy (PSE), an AEIC member company, has joined forces with Form Energy to explore multi-day energy storage solutions! 

PSE and Form Energy have signed an MOU to develop a 10MW, 100-hour iron-air battery pilot in PSE’s service area. This collaboration aims to meet clean energy requirements and ensure reliable service.

The partnership will assess the benefits of Form Energy’s technology, with plans to deploy the project by the end of 2026. Multi-day energy storage is a game-changer, offering power for several days compared to typical batteries.

Addressing Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act, PSE is committed to being coal-free by 2025, carbon-neutral by 2030, and 100% renewable by 2045. The initiative aligns with the state’s ambitious clean energy laws, preparing for increased demand and advancing carbon reduction.

PSE’s transformative journey reflects its dedication to safe, reliable, and affordable energy, navigating the challenges of evolving clean energy policies.