Insights on Energy Transformation from Industry Leaders

by Dr. Elizabeth Cook, Vice President of Technical Strategy, AEIC

In an era where the energy sector stands at the cusp of transformation, AEIC has a strong sense of responsibility to our industry to convene and lead discussions on the challenges and innovations shaping this changing landscape. One way we are doing this is through The Grid Mod Pod, an ongoing podcast series in which I engage with executive leaders, technical experts, and innovators across all industry sectors.

During the first set of episodes this season, we intentionally focused on inviting leaders of companies that serve as partners and suppliers to utilities to share their perspectives. These discussions uncovered layers of insights, particularly emphasizing the potential for the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in grid modernization.

This narrative unfolds like a tapestry, interlinking the profound contributions of experts with the promise of wide-ranging technological advancements, to create a story of an industry in flux, yet increasingly equipped with the tools and technology needed for a new energy economy. 

Engaging non-utility entrepreneurs and innovators who are bringing new ideas and unique approaches to our industry is essential to harnessing the power and potential of the opportunities that grid transformation has to offer. Here is a summary of a few of the topics we’ve explored so far this season: