AEIC Member Company Bandera Electric Cooperative Launches Battery Storage Subscription Service

Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC), an esteemed member of AEIC, proudly announces the launch of its Battery Storage Subscription Service, elevating the Energy Saver program. With 10 affordable battery storage systems installed since November, BEC aims to empower its 663 Energy Saver and 553 Distributed Generation subscribers with ‘whole house’ electricity for over 8 hours during extended power outages.

Guided by a vision to extend this program to every member, BEC leverages the Apolloware app for energy assessment and monitoring. This scalable initiative, initially financed with $35 million in zero-interest loans and backed by tax credits, ensures accessibility for low to moderate-income members without significant upfront investments.

This innovative approach not only bolsters energy resilience for individual members but also allows BEC to contribute to the wholesale electricity market, creating additional revenues through its virtual power plant. Read more about this transformative journey towards sustainable and reliable energy solutions: