AEIC Member Company Duke Energy Launches EV Charger Rental Program in North Carolina

Check out Duke Energy’s EV Charger Rental Program in North Carolina! This program will offer residential and business customers the convenience of leasing an EV charger at a low monthly cost. 

As an AEIC member company, Duke Energy is committed to supporting the electric vehicle transition, providing a variety of charging options for homes and businesses. Their Charger Solution program, approved by the NC Utilities Commission, helps customers make informed choices and covers hardware, warranty, and maintenance. 

With monthly rates starting at $14, Duke Energy is simplifying the path to faster charging. This initiative aligns with North Carolina’s clean energy goals, aiming for 1.25 million EVs in the state by 2030. 

Duke Energy’s Charger Solution and Charger Prep Credit programs, part of its EV Complete suite, are designed to streamline the transition to EVs for its customers.